In Memoriam

C. Cullen Smith

1925 - 2022

In Memoriam, C. Cullen Smith
Rod Aydelotte, Tribune-Herald file photo
The Directors of the Vanguard Foundation express our heartfelt gratitude for the life of Cullen Smith, as well as our deepest sympathy to the Smith family. Cullen made many contributions over a half century to Vanguard College Preparatory School and the Vanguard Foundation. The school was the beneficiary not just of his generosity, but of his wisdom.

In many ways, Cullen’s life was a model of the values that guide the Vanguard community. He always showed enormous respect for those he worked with, felt a keen sense of responsibility to the Waco community he loved, and approached every task with energetic rigor. He established a standard to which every Vanguard student, past, present, and future, should aspire. In that way, he will continue to live in our hearts.

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