Scholarship Support

Scholarships are more than  a means to an education. Funding scholarships is an investment in talent; an opportunity to touch a life, a family, even an entire community. Our goal is to attract gifted students from families with a range of experiences and perspectives. Vanguard is stronger and richer for their presence.

Financial support of Vanguard scholarships have a tangible and lasting impact on generations of deserving Vanguard students, creating – in your name – a legacy of educational opportunity.

Gifts of Scholarship

Gifts to support scholarships at Vanguard can be made to the Arminda Bewley Scholarship Fund, The Distiguished Faculty Scholarship Fund, or can be established to create a lasting legacy.  A named endowed scholarship can be established with a gift of $100,000, which would provide partial aid; or $350,000 or more that fully endows a scholarship, covering the costs of a student at Vanguard College Preparatory School.
Arminda Bewley Scholarship Fund
Arminda Bewley worked at Vanguard from 1977-2011 and was devoted to students and families. She was the smile at the front desk, testing center, and library and was loved by all. Her patience, character, patriotism, and dedication were appreciated by so many! Through a collaboration with the school, an annual award with tuition scholarship is given by Arminda’s family in her memory to a rising 9th-grader who exhibits faithfulness to friends, loyalty, a positive attitude towards all, respectfulness, and willingness to always do their part on initiatives that help others. Gifts can be made to support this fund in memory of Arminda Bewley.
Distinguished Scholarship Fund
The Distinguished Faculty Scholarship Fund was established in 2012 by the Richie Family to reward exceptional students as well as to honor Vanguard’s outstanding faculty. The fund was founded in honor of Carol Spain, one of Vanguard’s most beloved faculty members for 27 years. The scholarship, announced at the awards ceremony each May, is given to a current Vanguard student as a reward for past achievement and as an incentive for continuing to excel at Vanguard. The student granted this distinction is selected by the faculty on the basis of character traits that Carol so clearly embodied: loyalty, intense dedication to educational pursuits, kindness, and a selfless concern for others. Contributions to the Distinguished Faculty Scholarship Fund can be made in honor of any faculty member, whether former or current. These contributions need not conform to rigid guidelines or timetables. They may be large or small, and given at any time during the year—perhaps even as a birthday or holiday present for a deserving teacher. A contribution to the Distinguished Faculty Scholarship Fund is the best possible way to honor a deserving student and dedicated faculty member at the same time. Letters of acknowledgement will be sent to you, the school, and to the faculty member in whose honor your donation was made.
Named Full Scholarships

A gift of $350,000 will establish a named Scholarship at Vanguard College Preparatory School. Donors may designate the name of the scholarship and requirements for the scholarship. Endowing a scholarship can make a meaningful difference in the life of a student. This scholarship can be anonymous. 

Named Partial Scholarships

Gifts of $100,000 or more can be made to establish an endowment toward funding a named partial scholarship. This scholarship can be anonymous. 

Viking Endowed Scholarships

A Viking Endowed Scholarship can be established with a gift of $350,000. Endowing a Viking Scholarship can make a meaningful difference in the life of a student. As a needs based scholarship, it can provide the opportunity for a student who may not have the financial resources to pursue an education at Vanguard.