Founded to be permanent support for Vanguard College Preparatory School.

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Our History

The Vanguard Foundation was founded in June 1992 to be a permanent endowment for Vanguard College Preparatory School. A charitable remainder trust was set up by Jeanne and Russell Judson with the understanding that the assets of the trust would go to the Foundation upon their death. Thanks to their generosity, the Foundation received this funding in 2009.

For most of its history, the Foundation was governed by a Board of four members plus the Head of School.

The Foundation gratefully acknowledges the service of this group, several of whom served the Foundation and Vanguard College Preparatory School for decades:
In 2020, the Vanguard Foundations by-laws were revised and the Board expanded to include eight members plus the Head of School. These steps were taken in anticipation of the Board adopting a more active posture in promoting the school and its activities.
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